Israel is a small yet very diverse country than stretches along the Mediterranean Sea. Considered part of the Holy Land (along with Palestine, Jordan, and Egypt). The three monotheistic religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism all share historical ties with this region. The area of the Lake of Galilee is filled with shrines commemorating the ministry of Jesus Christ. Nazareth, which is home to the Annunciation and town where Jesus grew up.  Israel is also adorned with beautiful beaches and diverse cities offering a wide range of experiences. The landscape in Israel ranges from beautiful northern areas to the Desert around the Dead Sea and Negev to the beautiful coast lines on the Dead Sea, Mediterranean and Red Sea.


Palestine is at the heart of the Holy Land Experience. It is rich in religious, cultural, historical and natural treasures that appeal to a wide range of travelers.  From Bethlehem, the Birthplace of Jesus, and Jerusalem, the home to the three Monotheistic Faiths, to Jericho which is the Oldest Continuously inhabited city in the world, Palestine should be at the heart of any visit to the region. Actually, the entire West Bank stretching from Jenin in the far north to Hebron in the south offer visitors a mosaic of layers of cultural, historical and religious wonders. 

Many new experiences are now emerging across the West Bank. From various hiking and community based tours to special themed tours, Palestine is quickly becoming increasingly popular with many different traveler segments.  Check out some of the tours that include Palestine.


Jordan is an amazing and diverse destination. Over the years, the country has developed a wide range of experiences and infrastructure to accommodate a wider range of travelers.  As part of the Holy Land, Jordan offer pilgrims and faith travelers an addition layer of faith based sites and attraction that together with neighboring Israel and Palestine, creates a one of a kind pilgrimage experience.  Jordan is also rich in  many historical and natural treasures. Destination such as Amman, Petra,  Wadi Rum, Jerash, Mt. Nebo, Madaba, Aqaba and many more offer visitors interested in history, cultural, adventure and outdoor activities a truly memorable visit. 

You can easily combine a visit to Jordan as part of a wider regional program including Israel and Palestine.    Logistically, there are several land borders between Jordan and Israel in addition to the international Queen Ali Airport in Amman which offer direct flights from many cities around the globe.


Egypt is definitely a destination worth visiting. Home of the pharos, the Pyramids and the River Nile, Egypt offers visitors the chance to immerse yourself in the ancient history and wonders

There are many experiences on offer catering a wide range of visitors. From adventure, cultural and spiritual tourism to family, relaxation, see sand and fun on the shores of the red Sea and Mediterranean, a visit to Egypt is an experience of a lifetime.

There are multiple trips you can do and visiting Egypt as part of a regional tour is also a viable option. The Nile Valley including Cairo and Luxor , the red Sea with its amazing shores and corals, to the Western and Easters deserts we will be happy to create a program suitable to your needs and interests.